Welcome Aboard

Welcome to my blog!

The internet is a big place but search engines such as Google make it easy to find just about anything. This blog is an attempt to curb what information is out there about me online. Have you tried to Google yourself? If you haven’t, I strongly recommend you do so (and do so regularly). Companies are increasingly using the internet to screen candidates. You DON’T want to be passed on for your dream job because of something stupid plastered on the internet. What can you do about it though? Well, you can do exactly what I’m doing: make a blog.


A blog allows me to create content that I am comfortable sharing. It puts me in control and does not leave me to the mercy of the internet. Further, it gives would-be Googlers an identity to latch onto. It also makes me look like more than a piece of paper. I have hobbies and interests! I’m a human being.

So what topics will my blog cover? Glad you asked. I’ll be using this blog to talk about topics in the economy, technology arena, Human Resources, and the video game industry. Because I’ll be talking about a wide variety of topics and not everyone here will be interested in every topic, I will be making efficient use of tags, so please make use of them to filter entries.

Bookmark this blog and come back often.


Discuss This With Me!

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